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“Arles en hiver”

Arles, is a city full of history and culture. The strong Arlesian diversity between Ancient Rome, the Provençal tradition and the photo, only tends to be discovered. These multiple treasures make this city one to be seen. Until March 31, take the time to stay at the hotel Le Relais de Poste and enjoy exceptional benefits thanks to 3 different pass that offer you a 25% discount on your cultural tours. Explore Arles in all its facets and live an unforgettable journey in a unique city.

Eloigne Moi de Toi

Until December 29th, take the time to venture into the Réattu Museum in Arles, where the young artist Annabel Aoun Blanco’s exhibition “Eloigne moi de toi” is being held. Photographer, videographer and visual artist, Annabel brings to light opposing subjects such as life and death, memory and forgetfulness, appearance and disappearance, liquid and solid … that she tackles with great singularity. Through this project, she successfully shows a dynamic return or “loop” linking two points yet so distant from each other.

Niko Pirosmani – Walker between worlds

The exhibition brings together about thirty paintings by the Georgian painter (1862- 1918) presenting the real and imaginary panorama, calm and from a changing time. Self-taught and vagabond, the artist conveys the modern popular vision of the lucid marginal artist.
On this occasion, works by Vincent van Gogh will also be exhibited to highlight the influence of Pirosmani on art. Combining for the first time the works of these two artists in one place, the exhibition is exceptional.
Until October 20th at the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation

Festival – Les Rencontres Internationales de la photographie

The 50th edition of the “Rencontres d’Arles” takes place throughout the summer and transforms the most beautiful places of the city into unique cultural spaces. This is a major event devoted to photography where the small city temporarily becomes the world capital of this art. Nearly 60 contemporary exhibitions are scheduled and the work of a hundred internationally renowned photographers is presented to use the image to stimulate our reflection.

From July 1st to September 22nd