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The hotel Le Relais de Poste, Provence in its pure state

Immerse yourself in the heart of Provence and discover the city of Arles with the many monuments listed as World Humanity Heritage by UNESCO, a destination with 2500 years of Art and History!

The Roman city

Arles is the first city after Rome in terms of Roman monuments that must be visited on foot. Strolling through the streets of the city center, you will discover magnificent vestiges of the Roman era such as the amphitheater, the ancient theater, the baths of Constantine and the old circus. Immerse yourself in a real time travel traced to the departmental museum of Ancient Arles.

Van Gogh in Arles

While in Arles between February 1888 and April 1889, the city became one of the favorite places of renowned artist of the twentieth century. His Parisian life became too intense, he finds refuge in Arles and the city becomes a source of inspiration for many paintings such as the famous “Van Gogh Room in Arles” exhibited at the Van
Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

In the footsteps of the artist

Follow in the footsteps of the Dutch painter on a 5-step journey through the whole city starting with the “Espace Van Gog”, located a few steps from the hotel, then the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation, Forum Square, the ancient cemetery of Alyscamps and finally the old bridge Langlois renamed Van Gogh bridge in memory of the painter. Indeed, by walking through the streets of the city, you will recognize many places painted by the artist.

The city of photography

International Capital of Photography, Arles is famous for its unique festival in the world held every summer. Nearly sixty exhibitions devoted exclusively to this art are organized in the city and follow a new theme for each edition. We admire the work of a hundred internationally renowned photographers!

Quaint and nature

In search of a change of scenery, you will not hesitate to push your walks beyond the city gates. Between nature and picturesque, enjoy the stunning scenery of the Camargue such as land, salt marshes or the herds and the pond Vaccarès. The village of Les Baux perched on a rocky outcrop worth to be seen. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in France, you will make a leap back in time to the medieval era by browsing its small winding streets and a stop at the medieval castle.

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